Video Clips/Movies
of Ark Researchers and various accounts
by Robin Simmons

You need to have the free player or plugin by QuickTime to see the movies:

Simmons NBC Interview (1.1 Megs)
NBC featured a Noah's Ark Mini Series on May 2nd and 3rd, 1999. Many ark researchers were interviewed by regional NBC affiliate stations and aired on the news after the program.

Duckworth Interview (2.8Megs)
Archival footage of David Duckworth's unsubstantiated claims at the
Smithsonian Institution in the late 1960s. The vintage 16mm clip provided by the late Eryl
Cummings. Video excerpted from RIDDLE OF ARARAT [link for text online version], courtesy Robin Simmons

Eberts Interview (2.8 Megs)
Dr. James Eberts, renowned forensic archaeologist, examines the Stephen site
or upper Abich II anomaly. (Eberts was instrumental in providing testimony
that convicted serial killer Ted Bundy.) Video excerpt from RIDDLE OF
ARARAT, courtesy Robin Simmons

Thanks to Pamela at
Salvation Pictures for the compression and production
of the movies.