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Email to Angelo Palego with no response - December, 2000

Dear Angelo,

Thank you for sending your video and letters.

However, I disagree with your assertions that you have definitely found Noah's Ark in multiple locations on different sides of Mount Ararat. You have not shown any direct scientific evidence that Noah's Ark is in any of those locations or on Mount Ararat at all. Direct evidence should include all of the following, which happen to be part of the ArcImaging plan:

1) RADAR profiles of all locations in question accompanied with GPS readings by mounting GPS on the GPR at all times. RADAR of the entire ice cap is preferred.

2) Documentation of samples by taking continuous video of an expedition digging through the ice to the anomalies in question from the RADAR Profiles above with proper permission from Turkish authorities and with the proper Turkish authorities present.

3) Documented analysis from three accredited scientific laboratories in the United States or Western Europe stating the composition and Carbon-14 dated age of all samples from each location.

4) Verification that through the entire process of moving the samples from the anomaly locations to the scientific laboratories, there was no switching or changing of samples.

5) With the permission from the Turkish authorities, excavation of a large portion of the anomaly to see if it resembles a boat.

6) If it resembles a boat, examination of the inner portions to determine if it contains areas holding animals including cages, food remains, feces, seed, etc.

Once you have done all of these scientific activities and documented them in painstaking detail, I will reconsider your statements.

Also, I have real problems with your entire scenario: 1) The Ahora Gorge did not explode in 1840. The Ahora Gorge exploded thousands of years earlier, possibly during the flood. This event was not documented in writing by any known civilization. In 1840, there was a violent earthquake, ice was melted, and a large rush of water, ice, and debris went down the gorge engulfing Ahora Village. Is 1840 when you claim the structure was broken up into the pieces going in different directions?

2) Why would the structure go in three different directions instead of the same general direction? Your multiple locations beginning from the one landing location defy gravity and natural ice flow patterns. That does not make logical sense at all.

3) Why do you trust Navarra? His guide even said he took the wood up the mountain with him and his 1952 expedition leader denounced him.

4) How could a wooden boat survive all the way from point A to the Navarra ice pack through the Parrot Glacier to produce a cleanly cut wooden beam? This is absolute fantasy to believe that the wood could survive in this scenario. Even glaciologist Nicholaas Van Arkel who mapped Ararat's ice cap from 1964-1966 stated to Dr. Charles Willis in a letter that Navarra's location was a "stupid idea." And the boat did not land in that location because despite many other expeditions to the same spot, nothing else substantial is visible. Also, the ice pack receded tremendously in the mid to late 70s when Pat Frost stated that it was so small it could never even contain a boat.

These are just a few of the problems with your scenario. You are speaking about something which none of us have knowledge of. And why would you hold back any evidence when making such claims, and why would a conference convince me any more or less? When you accomplish the scientific activities mentioned above, then I will reconsider these ideas. But until then, please understand that you are damaging the credibility of Ararat search, the credibility of Ararat researchers, the credibility of Christianity, and the credibility of the Bible by your unscientific and illogical assertions. It is one thing to say, "This is my best guess as to where the boat might be base upon..." It is an entirely different thing to state "This is where Noah's Ark is located" when you have no scientific proof to back it up.

And please do not use other ark researchers' names in an attempt to add credibility to your unsubstantiated claims without their permission, as you have done multiple times with my name and information that I have freely provided.

Regards, Rex Geissler

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