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Elfred Lee

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Elfred Lee has been involved with the search for Noah's Ark since the late 1960's. He was apart of the original SEARCH team that went to Mt. Ararat with Fernand Navarra, and returned to the United States with wood fragments. Elfred photographed and video-taped this expedition, and was the treasurer for the SEARCH organization. He also interviewed alleged Ark-eyewitnesses George Hagopian and Ed Davis.

George Hagopian

Elfred is the primary ark researcher of the claimed eyewitness George Hagopian. Elfred spent many hours with Hagopian before his death. The Hagopian account, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting and believable accounts to date. I have two drawings by Lee from Hagopian's testimony.

Hagopian #1

Hagopian #2

Ed Davis

Elfred also spent many hours with Ed Davis, another claimed eyewitness of Noah's Ark. For reference, Hagopian claimed to have seen the ark in 1905 as a small 10 year-old boy totally intact, while Davis claims to have seen the ark in two separate sections in 1943 while in the Army.

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