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The Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah's Ark - 3rd Edition, Online Version

Copyrighted 2009 and All Rights Reserved by Great Commission Illustrated (GCI) Books

Book Initiated by B.J. Corbin, Edited by Rex Geissler & B.J. Corbin, and Co-Authored by 33 Expedition Leaders & Researchers

B.J. Corbin, Rex Geissler, and GCI Books published the printed version of The Explorers of Ararat: And the Search for Noah's Ark in 1998. The Explorers of Ararat is a comprehensive and truly unique book about the search for the remains of Noah's Ark. First, the book is a collaborative effort where B.J. Corbin brought together leading ark expedition leaders from the 1970s and 1980s to write each chapter. This gives the reader many different views and information regarding ark research from the actual explorers themselves. The explorers have traveled to the biblical "mountains of Ararat/Urartu" including modern day Mount Ararat, Mount Cudi and the Durupinar site dozens of times in search of the ark. Second, the book offers a compilation of ark resources including historical and contemporary accounts accumulated by Rex Geissler and Bill Crouse. This objective reference work combines the best of ark research archives with new eyewitness accounts to help the reader understand the historical view of the ark.

Many people have been mis-informed about the search for Noah's Ark, and hopefully, this book will provide the public with a better understanding of the historic search for Noah's Ark (without the hype in a no-spin zone!). The difficulty in searching for the ark in the "mountains of Ararat" will become obvious to the reader, as the explorers share their trials and frustrations. It will certainly answer the person who asks, "If it's up there, why can't you ark researchers just go up there and find if it is there or not?" Ten years after the printed version of the book was released in 1998, you can now view each chapter online for free in this web version with over 300 photographs and illustrations, dozens of co-authors, and 1,000+ informative pages as it is now available here!

Preface by Rex Geissler (Coming)

Acknowledgments by B.J. Corbin & Rex Geissler

Foreword by Paul Meier, M.D.

Introduction by B.J. Corbin

1829 Friedrich Parrot, Ph.D.

1850 Russian Colonel J. Khodzko

1856 British Major Robert Stuart

1876 James Bryce, British Viscount & Future Ambassador to the United States of America - James Bryce Photos

1893 H.F.B. Lynch, Persian & Mesopotamian Trader

1912 Edgar Banks, Assyriologist and Antiquities Dealer

1945-1974 Clifford Burdick, Geologist

1949 A.J. Smith, College Dean

1951 Oliver S. Crosby, Statesman and Ambassador

1952-1954 German Friedrich Bender, Ph.D. in Geology, Director and Professor at the Bureau for Ground Research in Hannover - Kosmos 52

1952-1954 German Friedrich Bender, Ph.D. in Geology, Director and Professor at the Bureau for Ground Research in Hannover - UMSCHAU 72

1960-1968 George Vandeman, M.A., Television Evangelist, Archaeological Research Foundation (ARF) President

1962-1968 Bill Dougall, Climber (Coming)

1964 Raymond Moore, Ph.D., Chief Scientist of the United States Office of Education

1964-1966 Nicholas Van Arkel, Ph.D. (Coming)

1965-1969 Alva Appel, D.Min., Chief of Chaplains for the United States Air Force Auxillary Civil Air Patrol

1969-1987 Elfred Lee, MFA Degree in Art, SEARCH Foundation - Elfred Lee Photos

1971-1989 John Morris, Ph.D. in Geological Engineering, Institute for Creation Research (ICR) President - John Morris Photos

1973-2006 Bob Stuplich, Climber - Bob Stuplich Photos

1973-1993 Ray Anderson, Researcher - Ray Anderson Photos

1976-2010 John McIntosh, SEARCH Foundation President - John McIntosh Photos

1983-2010 Charles Willis, M.D. specializing in Neuropsychiatry, Ancient World Foundation President

1984-2010 Bill Crouse, Christian Information Ministry (CIM) President - The Explorers of Ararat

1984-2009 Bill Crouse, Christian Information Ministry (CIM) President - "Bible and Spade" 19.4

1984-1990 Don Shockey, O.D. Eye Doctor

1984-1989 Robert Garbe, Researcher

1984-2010 Richard Bright, Ph.D., Commercial Airline Pilot - Richard Bright Photos

1986-2003 B.J. Corbin, Researcher - B.J. Corbin Photos

1988-1993 Chuck Aaron, Helicopter Pilot

1989-1990 Robin Simmons, Hollywood Writer/Producer

Historical Research Reference Appendices

Alleged Eyewitnesses Summary by Rex Geissler

Expeditions Summary by Rex Geissler

The Urartu/Ararat Boundaries by Rex Geissler, Gordon Franz, and Bill Crouse - Reference Dr. Paul Zimansky's Ancient Ararat: A Handbook of Urartian Studies

Reconsidering The Urartu/Ararat Southern Boundaries With The Assyrian Kingdom by Rex Geissler presented at 2009 Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) Conference Meetings in New Orleans, Louisiana (Coming)

Mount Ararat Archaeological Survey by Rex Geissler and Ataturk University Director of Archaeology Prof. Dr. Cevat Basaran and Dr. Vedat Keles and presented at 2008 Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) Conference Meetings in Providence, Rhode Island

Mount Ararat Geological Survey by Clifford Burdick, Geologist

Noah’s Ark Sources and Review of Alleged Sightings by Rex Geissler (Coming)

Who Controlled Ararat When? by C. Allen Roy (Coming)

Review & Critique of Bob Cornuke's Search for Noah's Ark Video in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format - or HTML Web Format by Gordon Franz, Bill Crouse, Rex Geissler

Hole Stones at Carahunge by Paris Herouni, Ph.D.

An Armenian Perspective on the Search for Noah's Ark by Rick Lanser, M.Div. and presented at 2008 Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) Conference Meetings in Providence, Rhode Island

Mount Cudi Historical References - The Explorers of Ararat

Mount Cudi Historical References - Associates for Biblical Research "Bible and Spade" 19.4 and presented to 2007 Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) Conference Meetings in San Diego, California

Durupinar's Great Telšeker Earthflow Geologic Formation by Murat Avci, Geologist

Recommendations for Future Archaeological Research by Rex Geissler (Coming)

Recommendations For Future Expeditions by B.J. Corbin (Coming)

Questions To Ask Alleged Eyewitnesses by Rex Geissler (Coming)

Using Topography in the Search by John Comber (Coming)

What If Noah’s Ark Has Not Survived and Is Not Found? by Rex Geissler (Coming)

What If Noah’s Ark Has Survived and Is Found? by Rex Geissler (Coming)

Bibliography by Rex Geissler & Bill Crouse (Coming)

Index (Coming)

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