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Biblical & Oriental Archaeology:
Ancient Days by David Livingston, Ph.D.

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Reasons For Belief - A Handbook of Christian Evidence
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The History and Region of Urartu and Turkey:
Air Photos of Ararat, Van, & Eastern Turkey
Anatolian Fortnight
Ararat, the Cradle of Civilization?
Biblical Sites in Eastern Turkey
Turkey and the Seven Churches of Revelation Tour
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ICR The Flood of Noah and the Flood of Gilgamesh
The Brick Testament

The Search For Noah's Ark:
ArcImaging Search for Noah's Ark Presentation
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ArcImaging (Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium)
Answers in Genesis Noah's Ark FAQ
Ark On Ararat by Michael Castellano
Bible-Earth researcher Timo Roller
The Search for Noah's Ark by Kelly L. Segraves
Noah's Ark Fact or Fiction by Ray Anderson
The Search for Noah's Ark Website by Matthew Kneisler
Mount Ararat Beckons
Genesis Files by Tom Picket
Answers in Genesis Noah's Ark FAQ
Christian Information Ministries & Ararat Report by Bill Crouse
Cudi Information and Links
Durupinar Information and Links
Durupinar - The Formation and Mechanics of the Great Telceker Earth Flow by Turkish Geologist Murat Avci
Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah's Ark - 482 page book with 265 photos
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Ark Research Project (ARP)
Ancient World Foundation
Noah's Ark Search Historical Books focusing on Durupinar & Ron Wyatt

Noah's Ark Information:
Ark Design & Information - Tim Lovett
Has Anyone Really Seen Noah's Ark? by Gary Byers
Resource for Answering the Critics of Noah's Ark by ICR
Annie's Noah's Ark Page
Ark as History
Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study by John Woodmorappe
Noah's Ark Models
SS Noah
The Rebuilding of Noah's Ark
The Art of Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark Diorama & Ark Models

Mount Ararat Sports Climb (No Research Allowed), Turkish News and Travel Advisories:
Anatolian Adventures - Ararat
Climb Ararat
Explorer - Ararat
Let's Go to Mt. Ararat
No Limits - Ararat
Ogzala Climbing - Ararat
Deep Nature - Ararat
Yahoo Turkey News
Turkish News
Turkish Daily News

The following links are intended to help educate people in some of the issues and nuances that surround the areas of Creation and Evolution. Although there is ample evidence against biological evolution including the complete lack of transitional forms in the fossil record and zero reproduceable examples of biologic evolution in the laboratory, some of the most vigorous debates between Darwinian/Other Evolutionists, Theistic Evolutionists, Progressive Old-Earth Creationists, and Young-Earth Creationists include the following:

1) The dating of creation
2) Creation as an event or a progressive process
3) The dating of Earth
4) The dating of the fossil record
5) The dating and origin of Adam
6) The validity and long-term testability of radiometric dating methods
7) Creation by kinds or the evolutionary tree
8) The human family tree vs. alleged hominids being true apes and orangutans
9) The dating of the Noachian Flood
10) Global catastrophism via the Noachian Flood vs. uniformitarianism (interestingly, many evolutionists are now embracing global catastrophism via meteor impact or other phenomena which undermine uniformitarianism)
11) The global vs. regional vs. local flood views
12) How the fossil record was formed
13) The origination of the sedimentary layers by the Noachian Flood or by other mechanisms
14) The Noachian Flood and Plate Tectonic Theory
15) Design in nature

These issues are difficult to infer precisely because of the lack of human documentation before about 3000 BC. As well, assumptions and extrapolations are made by all researchers when viewing past history. Also, past history cannot be repeated and therefore scientifically tested which makes chronologies and dating difficult at best. Because of the difficulty in "calibrating" and completely verifying the radiometric dating of events before about 3000 BC, researchers on all sides are forced to make assumptions and extrapolations which may or may not have been true at that time or in the time periods up until today. Sometimes these assumptions and extrapolations are stated but most often they are glossed over with minimal discussion or appreciation which is problematic since they are so fundamental to the entire discussion and debate.

Also, education, media, religious affiliation, family, and influential people affect each of us which can create internal biases and influence our views one direction or the other. These links are not intended to be "the truth" about every aspect of these debatable issues as there is always speculation made when attempting to go beyond written history of mankind (and written history often includes propaganda, biases and contradictions as well).

It is hoped that everyone who uses these links will remember that one's view of these topics is not a issue of salvation and differing views are commonplace. In fact, many times people go off on tangents based on an interpretation of Genesis or Revelation (i.e. end time prophecy) which becomes their life's mantra rather than focusing on and implementing the primary teachings of the Bible. However, it is important to realize that a person's view about God's creation as well as the theory of evolution can affect his or her world view and outlook in many different areas of life.

The Biblical Flood, Creation & Evolution: Young Earth Creationist Model

Answers in Genesis by Ken Ham & Colleagues
Answers in Genesis FAQ
Ancient Days by David Livingston, Ph.D.
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Case for Creation
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Creation Research Society
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Creation Perspective
Creation Safaris - Creationist Model
Creation Science
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Creation vs. Evolution #1
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Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia
Dr. Dino by Kent Hovind
Flood Traditions
Genesis Files by Tom Pickett
Genesis Park
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Handy, Dandy Evolution Refuter
Harun Yahya - Creationist/Moslem Model
How Did We Get Here?
ICR Impact Articles
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Institute For Creation Research (ICR) by John Morris, Ph.D. & Others
Intelligent Design Network
Internet Center for Creation Science (Canada, by Mark McKinney)
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Life Design
Lost World Museum
Mere Creation
One Human Race
Paluxy Dinosaur/"Man Track" Controversy
Phillip E. Johnson - Creationist Model
Revolution Against Evolution
Science Research Foundation - Creationist Model
Scientific Creationism
Setterfield, Barry
Worldwide Flood - Ark Design & Information

The Biblical Flood, Creation & Evolution: Old Earth Progressive Creationist Model
Creation Essentials & Non-Essentials - Critique of Strong Young Earth Creationist Model
Does God Exist? by John Clayton
Douglas Jacoby.com
Is There A God? by John Oakes, Ph.D.
Reasons to Believe by Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
Talk Origins Creation/Evolution Debates & Websites - Evolution & Creationist Websites

History, Biblical Genealogy and Chronology:
Answers in Genesis Age of Earth FAQ
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