Welcome to NoahsArkSearch.com and the historic search for Noah’s Ark in the highlands of Urartu. Enjoy the journey!

The Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark – 3rd Edition

The NoahsArkSearch.com web site, The Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark book, and the ArcImaging (Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium) Research Team, are collaborative efforts involving a “clearing-house” of many leading ark researchers.

There are different opinions about whether Noah’s Ark could have survived until the present day, exactly where it landed, and if there are actual remains of this biblical vessel still intact today. This web site provides a “big tent” for ark researchers to share their information and research about the historical search for Noah’s Ark.

Primary areas people have searched for the remains
of Noah’s Ark in the “mountains of Urartu/Ararat“: Mt. Ararat| Mt. Cudi | Durupinar | Iran

A Comprehensive Overview:

The best way to get a comprehensive overview about the search for Noah’s Ark is to:

1) Read the Urartu and Noah’s Ark search overview.

2) Read the Urartu/Ararat Boundaries.

3) Read the Search for Noah’s Ark Online Presentation.

4) Read the Mount Ararat Archaeological Survey.

5) Read the Mount Ararat Geological Survey.

6) Read the Durupinar geologic overview, The Formation and Mechanics of the Great Telceker Earth Flow by Turkish Geologist Murat Avci.

7) Read the classic Noah’s Ark search book with hundreds of photos, The Explorers of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark. The 3rd Edition of the book is being published online and most of it is already available.

8) Study some of Rex Geissler’s latest scientific research photos from the Ark Search LLC team expeditions and research:

2011 Mount Ararat Glacial Archaeological Research Photos #1

2011 Mount Ararat Glacial Archaeological Research Photos #2

2011 Mount Ararat Summit Ascent

2012 Mount Ararat Glacial Archaeological Research Photos

2012 Urartu Site Surveys + Mount Ararat Glacial Climb

2012 Mount Ararat descent and Bayazit Castle Tour

2005 Mount Ararat Korhan Archaeological Survey

2005 Mount Ararat Ahora Gorge Archaeological Survey + Ahora Cemetery with Ancient Armenian Astronomical Hole Stones

9) B.J. Corbin, the founder of this website, originator of The Explorers of Ararat book, and expert speaking in the History’s Mysteries “Search for Noah’s Ark” movie, has a new book available including new research on the search for Noah’s Ark in Iran. Please read it at www.bjcorbin.com.

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