2014 Updates

by Rex on October 5, 2014

B.J. Corbin, the founder of this website, originator of The Explorers of Ararat book, and expert speaking in the History’s Mysteries “Search for Noah’s Ark” movie, has a new book available including new research on the search for Noah’s Ark in Iran. Please consider it at www.bjcorbin.com. It is with incredible sadness that we announce the death of Phyllis Cummings Watson of Angwin, California, the daughter of Eryl and Violet Cummings, who helped them type, edit, and research her parents’ well-known books, Noah’s ark: fable or fact? and Has Anybody Really Seen Noah’s Ark?: An Affirmative Definitive Report, which Phyllis co-authored. Phyllis’s love of life, love of people, love of the Scriptures, appreciation for the United States Constitution, and dedication to her research interests were unparalleled. Her husband of 60 years, Albert Watson, was a constant companion and support for Phyllis. One of Phyllis’s favorite part of her research was comic strips about Noah’s Ark. Phyllis was a personal friend of Rex Geissler and is already sorely missed. Phyllis and her wonderful husband Albert graciously hosted Rex several times in their home and personally shared the Eryl and Violet Cummings Noah’s Ark “arkives” with Rex. Phyllis and Albert helped document the “arkives” and helped Rex pack them into multiple rental vans before Rex drove them to Colorado for further analysis and research along with the “arkives” of John Morris, Ph.D., Pat Frost, and Bob Stuplich, etc. Phyllis was finishing her research on her epic work of Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) history identifying corollaries how Seventh Day Adventist founder Ellen G. White apparently plagiarized and produced much of her writing and thoughts from Mormon founder Joseph Smith and his contemporaries like Sydney Rigdon. Phyllis is survived by her and Albert’s only son Dennis Cummings of Angwin, California. Phyllis and Albert will never be forgotten.

Phyllis Watson’t husband of 60 years, Albert Cummings’ death was announced. Albert’s amiable laugh and constant smile were infectious to everyone he was around. His love for family, educating children, and teaching of the truth were mainstays of Albert’s life as he was consistently building tree houses for the kids, finding fun jokes, and games.

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2013 Updates

by Rex on December 22, 2013

Mount Cudi Symposium hosted by the University of Şirnak.
September 29 – I wanted to provide an update from Şirnak (“Noah’s town”) next to Mount Cudi where we are overlooking the Mesopotamian Plain. We are in ancient Assyria (Neo-Assyria) and only 110km from the Assyrian capital Nineveh next to Mosul, Iraq. Şirnak is built on a hillside looking directly at Mount Cudi to the south and the Tigris River Valley. The weather is hot and the air conditioning in the rooms was turned off. Occasionally, I wonder if I have sweated more in Turkey than in America over the years . There were ~500 people here for yesterday’s sessions that included Bill Crouse (celebrity for the Cudi supporters), German Timo Roller, Anne Habermehl, and myself (Rex Geissler). Today, there are about 240 people to hear Gordon Franz of ABR and geophysicist Dr. John Baumgardner, etc. Most were academic professors, students and Islamic teachers.

Mt. Cudi Noah’s Ark Symposium Announced – 27-29 September 2013

The alleged Alexis Romanoff Autobiographies PDF Download are available from GCI Website that discusses a Russian immigrant and his son who Eryl & Violet Cummings met with.

Donna D’Errico heads back to Mount Ararat as she is producing a feature-length documentary film about her search for Noah’s Ark Ping G25 Driver on a small budget.

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2012 Updates

by Rex on February 20, 2012

Dr. Charles Willis, 86, passed away on July 9th. His wife Shirley called to let me know. He was happy to wear his military uniform the week prior to Trinity Church to celebrate Independence Day. Dr. Willis’ body was cremated and his body will be interred in a private family service. Dr. Willis had a good time in Turkey last September, never got time to write the paper that he planned about his 2011 research, but was able to document a little of it on his website.

Charles DuBois Willis, 86, of Fresno died July 9. He was a retired neuro psychiatrist for a private practice. Graveside: 12:30 p.m. Aug. 31 at San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery in Gustine. Memorial: 11 a.m. Sept. 1 at Trinity Community Church in Clovis. Remembrance: Fresno Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 1422, Fresno, CA 93716-1422. Arrangements: Wildrose Chapel & Funeral Home.

It’s Official: Russell Crowe to Star in Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’

Dudley Thomas, an American Nuclear Submarine Sonar specialist in 1980, claims to be sharing first-time public knowledge of a 1980 Soviet Union invasion including 10,000 Russian Soldiers across the Turkish border, a NATO nation, onto Mount Ararat in order to dismantle Noah’s Ark. It is amazing that researchers have never heard about the Soviet Union invasion of Turkey and Mount Ararat just around the time of the September 12, 1980 Turkish coup d’état. It’s also interesting that neither Pat Frost nor the TUSLOG team of Lt. Stephen Jolly, Dennis Devenport, Kevin Pugliese, and Larry Truglio nor the Kurdish shepherds ever mentioned anything about this given that they were on Mount Ararat in the summer of 1980…

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2011 Updates

January 16, 2012

You can now view each chapter as it becomes available in the 3rd Edition, Online Version, of The Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark. One of my favorite comics about Noah and the Flood Statement from the Ark Search LLC Senior Archaeologist: I am the senior archaeologist on the Ark Search LLC […]

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2010 Updates

December 27, 2010

You can now view each chapter as it becomes available in the 3rd Edition, Online Version, of The Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark. Kurdish workers who created a Noah’s Ark movie set on Mount Ararat signed a statement to that affect saying that they worked for Parasut, NAMI’s guide, to do […]

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2002 Updates

December 21, 2010

March 2002 3.29 ArcImaging President Rex Geissler was a guest at his Excellency Turkey’s 7th President Kenan Evren’s Scholarship Dedication for Turkish Studies at Florida Atlantic University on March 25-26, 2002. ArcImaging is a financial supporter of the scholarship fund and of T.A.B.E.C., the Turkish-American Business, Education, & Cultural Development Committee that helped coordinate the […]

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2009 Updates

October 23, 2010

You can now view each chapter as it becomes available in the 3rd Edition, Online Version, of The Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark. Armenian Reverend Ktrij Devejian displays an alleged piece of Noah’s Ark kept in the Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin An Urartu/Ararat Geographic Boundaries paper was published by Rex Geissler, […]

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2008 Updates

December 31, 2008

Bob Cornuke released a new DVD on his search for Noah’s Ark. See the review and critique of Cornuke’s video by Gordon Franz, Bill Crouse, and Rex Geissler in two different formats: Bob Cornuke DVD Critique in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format Bob Cornuke DVD Critique in HTML Web Format The Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS), […]

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2007 Updates

December 31, 2007

The Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) held a debate on the landing site of Noah’s Ark November 15, 2007. Dr. John Morris of ICR moderated the debate, where ArcImaging President Rex Geissler took the position of defending Mount Ararat as the landing site while Rapid Response Report President Bill Crouse took the position of defending […]

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2006 Updates

December 31, 2006

  2006 December 12.2 Alva Appel died on December 2, 2006. Alva Appel (1922-2006) was a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) minister, Chief of Chaplains for the United States Air Force Auxillary Civil Air Patrol (CAP), and Chaplain Colonel of the United States Congressional Squadron. Alva was a strong climber who searched all over Ararat including […]

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