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by admin on December 31, 2001

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December 2001 12.14 The Dick Bright & David Larsen Mount Ararat Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. Dick Bright has been on and around Mount Ararat 18 times from 1984 through 2001 and is the author of books including The Ark, A Reality, Quest for Discovery, and co-author of The Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark. B.J. Corbin writes about Dick Bright in The Explorers Of Ararat, “I hope Richard ‘Dick’ Bright will not mind me considering him to be the ‘bulldog’ of ark researchers. His persistence in the search for the remains of Noah’s Ark is nearly unmatched. (I say ‘nearly’ where John McIntosh may be his equal in this regard). This is a much-needed quality to overcome the many frustrations associated with searching for the remains of Noah’s Ark.” 12.14 The Gerrit Aalten Mount Ararat Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. Gerrit Aalten has been on and around Mount Ararat 3 times. More photos will be added in the future. 12.14 Bill Crouse has an article with the view of an alternative landing place for Noah’s Ark in Answers in Genesis TJ (Technical Journal) Volume 15 Number 3. 12.07 ArcImaging announces the release of its public “Search For Noah’s Ark” online presentation, which is also linked off ArcImaging’s website. ArcImaging also has a special presentation with more specific 2002 ArcImaging Expedition plan details to followup from the successful 2001 ArcImaging Expedition for those interested in supporting ArcImaging. Please contact Gary Pryor for more details in order to receive this presentation. 12.07 A new article entitled Even If Noah’s Ark Is Not Proven, Noah’s Ark Still Could Have Landed On Mount Ararat has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 12.07 GCI Books announces the release and immediate availability of GCI’s seventh published book, which is an excellent and detailed title by John Oakes, Ph.D. entitled “Reasons For Belief – A Handbook of Christian Evidence”, which details the archaeological, scientific, and prophetic evidence supporting the biblical record. November 2001 11.23 The Dr. John Morris Mount Ararat Photo Album including 200 photos has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. John Morris participated in 12 expeditions to Mount Ararat from 1971 through 1989, authored and co-authored several books on the subject including The Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark, and is the President of ICR (Institute for Creation Research). Rex Geissler and ArcImaging would like to publicly thank Dr. John Morris for providing his stories, analysis, several hundred photos, and historical documentation during ten-hours of questions and research in spring 2001 at the ICR Offices in Santee, California. 11.10 ArcImaging announced that it had an extremely successful and productive 2001 Mount Ararat Research Expedition. ArcImaging is grateful to the nation of Turkey and to all Turkish entities for their support in this scientific research. ArcImaging looks forward to working together with the nation of Turkey as this research continues over the upcoming years. October 2001 10.10 The Turkish Embassy announced on October 10, 2001 that for the first time since 1990 an international research group, ArcImaging, the Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium, has received federal permission from the Turkish Government and various Turkish Ministries including the Military and the Ministry of Culture to perform research on Mount Ararat. ArcImaging is very pleased and grateful to the nation of Turkey and to Ataturk University for their support in this scientific research. ArcImaging looks forward to working together with the nation of Turkey as this research continues over the upcoming years. 10.10 Veteran explorer Dick Bright announced that the new edition of his book Quest for Discovery is now available. You can get a copy by searching for it at Amazon.com. 10.2 ArcImaging Vice President B.J. Corbin and Rex Geissler will be giving a Radio Interview on the history of the Noah’s Ark Search October 20th on WSNL-AM 600, Flint, Michigan, which will be aired in late October or early November. September 2001 9.24 The Complete Ararat Report 1986-1993 by Bill Crouse is now available for ordering. 9.24 As of September 24, 2001, ArcImaging is the final research group waiting to hear permission status for year 2001. ArcImaging is pleased that they have not received a negative response yet. The ArcImaging Advisor is going to visit authorities in Turkey around October 1 to check on the status for this year and next year’s research. August 2001 8.4 ARP confirmed on August 4 that their 2001 request to conduct research on Mount Ararat has been officially denied by the Turkish Authorities. All other research applications had been previously denied except for ArcImaging and ARP. July 2001 7.30 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced on July 30, 2001 that Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium (ArcImaging) is now a completely certified and official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Private Foundation that can legally accept Tax Deductible Donations and Contributions. Every donor will receive a receipt that they may use as a Tax Deduction in their Tax Return. If you want to help support the ArcImaging research including the extensive Sub-Surface Survey of Mount Ararat, giving a donation is the simplest way to help. If you are interested in giving a Tax Deductible Donation to finish the extensive Sub-Surface Survey of Mount Ararat, please mail your check or money order to:ArcImaging 907 Shadowstone Drive Highlands Ranch CO 80129-1843If you are interested in possibly giving a donation over $5,000, you may qualify to receive the confidential ArcImaging Capitalization Proposal & Plan which is available for high net-worth individuals and organizations. In this case, please contact the ArcImaging Director of Finance Gary Pryor to apply for the ArcImaging Capitalization Proposal and the Tax Deductible Contribution. 7.24 Another climber, Sertac Tumerdem, died on Mount Ararat around July 18, 2001. An illegal climber who wanted to take photos for his girlfriend died near the summit of Mount Ararat. Along with this story, also see the Ararat Peace Climb 2001 reports at the following links: Report 1 Report 2 Report 3 Report 4 Report 5 Report 6 Report 7 Report 8 Report 9 Report 10 Report 11. 7.15 The Turkish Embassy confirmed to ArcImaging the following status on 2001 requests for Turkish Legal Permission to conduct research on Mount Ararat. All 2001 requests to conduct research on Mount Ararat have been officially denied except for two research organizations, ArcImaging and ARP. The appropriate Turkish Ministries and Officials are still discussing the timing for the planned research by ArcImaging and ARP as permission appears hopeful within the next year. 7.10 Ataturk University reported to ArcImaging that there was an earthquake in Erzurum on July 10, 2001. There were scores of casualties caused from falling debris. The U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Information Center (based in Golden, Colorado) reported to ArcImaging that the earthquake’s magnitude was 5.1 on the Richter Scale although preliminary magnitudes are traditionally reported higher than the later, real magnitude, as is seen by CNN’s article which lists the magnitude at 5.4. One can see more earthquake related information on the USGS website. June 2001 6.25 Angelo Palego has stepped over the line and is deliberately trying to deceive people just like Tom Crotser did in the 1970s and 1980s. Exactly like Crotser, Palego has resorted to doctoring photos on his website and does not even state that they are doctored. There are no public photos of Noah’s Ark. Palego must be realizing that his original photos he was presenting did not convince many people so now he has resorted to altering the photos by adding a boat-like structure. Refer to the December 2000 email to Angelo Palego challenging his evidence. The original photos without a boat-like structure are in his original booklet and were on his former websites. Palego has no science to back up his claims made on his website.Addendum: Five months after the doctored photographs were revealed and questioned, Palego revealed a new website that his associate Francesco Arduini says is the Official Angelo Palego website, which includes “elaborated” photographs with the original photo and a graphically-altered photo with Noah’s Ark added into it to illustrate graphically what Palego “believes” is under the ice.  6.22 ArcImaging announced that it has received 50% funding commitment for the Ararat Sub-surface Survey from a Florida-based Foundation. The Foundation meeting in Florida was attended by ArcImaging’s Gary Pryor, B.J. Corbin and Rex Geissler. ArcImaging gave a detailed PowerPoint Presentation which stimulated many questions and lasted from 9:30AM until 3:15PM. The Foundation stated that the 80-slide presentation was excellent, very organized and extremely well prepared. Photos at the end of the meetings are at the following links: Foundation Photo 1 and Foundation Photo 2 6.18 John McIntosh reported that researcher Ken Long died of an anureism on May 30, 2001. 6.14 Orhan Baser reported that Erkut Arcak died in Turkey recently. Erkut was at Texas A&M in his Ph.D. study in Nautical Archaeology and had worked with Dr. Robert Ballard on the Black Sea. Erkut was

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married a week ago in Turkey but died shortly afterward. He beat cancer eight years ago; the cause for his death was told to be from brain hemorrhage. Erkut was one of Orhan’s SCUBA students and a very close friend. Orhan is very sorry for his death.

6.13 2001 Ararat Peace Climb announcement. 6.13 Former researcher and SEARCH Foundation President John Bradley’s Memorial is online. 6.10 The 1948 Reshit Account has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. May 2001 5.28 The Bob Stuplich Ararat Airplane Photo Tour and Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. Bob’s Airplane Photo Tour as well as his other photos are extremely interesting. Bob Stuplich has climbed Mount Ararat 12 times, leading the climbing team on 11 of those climbs. Bob also co-authored The Explorers Of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark. 5.14 The James Bryce Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 5.14 The Elfred Lee Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com and the B.J. Corbin Photo Album has been updated. 5.7 ArcImaging (Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium) announces that the confidential ArcImaging Capitalization Proposal is available for high net-worth individuals and organizations. Please contact the ArcImaging Director of Finance Gary Pryor to apply for the ArcImaging Capitalization Proposal and subsequent tax-deductible contributions. 5.1 The History Channel’s Ancient Mysteries: The Search for Noah’s Ark video is available at The History Channel Store and do a search for “Noah’s Ark. This documentary about the search for Noah’s Ark is the most up-to-date video available and does a good overall job of introducing this comprehensive subject and the history surrounding it. Due to time considerations, there were some considerable omissions such as only describing a few of the purported eyewitness accounts and expeditions and not detailing more of the research, especially Charles Willis, M.D. for carrying out the most scientific research expedition of all time on Ararat in 1988 by virtually eliminating the Eastern Plateau as a possible, final resting place for Noah’s Ark and crediting Scott Van Dyke for the most productive expedition for the aerial photographic mapping of Ararat with about 1-foot resolution. There was a definite mistake when mentioning the Ahmet Arslan photo/object in 1989 which is on the northeast side, then bouncing to B.J. Corbin talking about his 1989 Western Plateau expedition as if he were following up on Ahmet who took his photo the same year on the other side of the ice cap. The helicopter follow-up on Ahmet’s northeast photo was really a year later in 1990 and included Corbin, Don Shockey, Robin Simmons, George Adams, Walt Brown Ph.D., Carl Baugh, Ron Charles, Robert Summers, and Ed Cassady. There was a slight mistake in that the ice cap is about 17.5 square miles not 25 square miles. Also, although the item found about 20 meters away from the Durupinar site did look like a pottery shard, it was difficult to make out any of the alleged drawings on it without the aid of a visual layover. And we currently see nothing to write home about in the Ararat Anomaly area, which has apparently moved locations as well since the earlier days of the Ararat Anomaly.The History Channel video features ArcImaging’s B.J. Corbin and Rex Geissler, Elfred Lee, ARP’s John McIntosh, Lloyd Bailey, Porcher Taylor, and Rob Michelson.The new History Channel documentary on Ancient Mysteries: The Search for Noah’s Ark will be aired at the following times during May: Times listed are for Eastern Time Zones (Consult your TV Guide for local times) Tuesday, May 1 8:00 PM-9:00 PM Wednesday, May 2 12:00 AM-1:00 AM Wednesday, May 2 4:00 AM-5:00 AM Sunday , May 27 6:00 PM-7:00 PM (This air date was removed from the schedule for some reason and no other showings have been scheduled) Ancient Mysteries: The Search for Noah’s Ark, 60 min. Arthur Kent hosts this study of the world’s fascination with the Bible story of Noah’s ark and efforts to find the vessel on Mount Ararat in Turkey. Satellite photos, film footage and stills from expeditions are shown as scientists, theologians and historians contribute their theories and beliefs on the existence of the ark and its possible location. Artist Elfred Lee, who has drawn representations of the ark from accounts given by two persons who claimed to have seen it, theorizes that locating Noah’s ark would be “the greatest archaeological find in human history.” The hour traces sightings back to 275 B.C., and includes accounts of flood stories from other cultures. The great flood that destroyed the world except for Noah, his family, and herd would probably be dismissed as legend–if not for other ancient evidence suggesting the presence of a once-massive flood. Instead, the search for Noah’s Ark continues to this day–one of the most controversial searches for one of the largest items described in the Bible. Rating: TV-G Category: Documentary Release Year: 2001 April 2001 4.19 ArcImaging (Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium) announces it’s new website and domain at http://arcimaging.org. 4.5 ArcImaging (Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium) releases photos from the ArcImaging Team Meeting & Ataturk University Scientific Tours and Presentations in Colorado. 4.3 Ataturk University has expressed an interest to participate in a joint venture research project in Eastern Turkey to disclose structures of archeological interest for further research and exploration. ArcImaging (Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium) and ARP (Ark Research Project), having been nominated as research groups for Mount Ararat, were pleased by the university’s openness to a joint venture and have begun the process of application to the Turkish government for gaining permission for the proposed research. Upon approval by a number of Turkish ministries and government agencies ArcImaging and ARP hope to begin their research sometime in 2001. March 2001 3.17 The Ed Davis Drawings have been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. This will be the last addition to the website for the next couple weeks as Rex Geissler is focusing on the Colorado visit, scientific tours and ArcImaging presentations for the President and Dean of Sciences & Arts who are over the Archaeology Department at Ataturk University, Turkey. 3.16 The Summary of Alleged Eyewitnesses has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.15 The List of Known Expeditions has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. If you have corrections or enhancements for the list, please email Rex Geissler. 3.14 The Larry Crews Korhan Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.13 The 1730 Cahmet Map showing Noah’s Ark atop Alwand Kuh (?) in modern Iran from his Dictionnaire historique, critique, chronologique, geographique et litteral de la Bible has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.12 The Pat Frost Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.11 The George Wilson Jr. sketch of the alleged U.S. Air Force mid-1940s discovery shown on a film newsreel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.10 The 1893 Madame Chantre Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.9 The Doris Bowers Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.8 The 1909 Gertrude Bell Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. I love Gertrude Bell: “…And so we came to Noah’s Ark, which had run aground in a bed of scarlet tulips…” 3.7 The Ray Anderson Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.6 The Bible’s account of Noah, the ark, and the Genesis flood has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. From that link you can change the Bible to other languages such as Français | Deutsch | Italiano | Latin | Norsk | Portugues | Español | Svenska | Tagalog | Arabic | Nederlands or other translations such as NASB | KJV | NKJV | NIV-IBS | RSV | DARBY | YLT | WE. 3.5 The B.J. Corbin Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.4 The Ed Behling 1981 Alleged Eyewitness Sketches of his 1973-74 trip to Ararat have been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. Ed Behling and Al Shappell (1974) were the last two who claim to fully describe a partially visible ark structure. 3.3 The ArcImaging Rex Geissler Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.2 The John McIntosh Photo Album has been added to NoahsArkSearch.com. 3.1 B.J. Corbin has transferred the noahsarksearch.com web site and domain over to Rex Geissler. For those who are wondering why… click here. February 2001 2.28 Rex Geissler & B.J. Corbin are currently working on the 3rd edition of The Explorers of Ararat book. We are excited about the many new and historic chapters and material to be added, especially from Phyllis Watson (daughter of the late Eryl and Violet Cummings) for giving us access to the “Cummings Arkives” and from John Morris, Ph.D. of ICR! Current Table of Contents. 2.11 John Bradley died 2.10.2001Former president of the SEARCH Foundation, John Bradley, died 2.10.2001. For those individuals or groups that would like to send cards or flowers: Isabel & Jocelyn Bradley 5006 Applecross Road Birmingham, AL 35242On a personal note… John Bradley was the very first ark researcher who B.J. Corbin contacted. Composite photo courtesy of John McIntosh (Current SEARCH President) 2.11 ArcImaging signed an agreement to partner with Ataturk University in Turkey to explore the possibility of researching sites on and around Mount Ararat. ArcImaging looks forward to hosting the President & Dean of Sciences & Arts from Ataturk University in Colorado at the end of March, 2001 as they will tour many scientific laboratories and discuss the future of ark research.If you are or know of an archaeologist, geologist, volcanologist, or glaciologist who may be interested in a 2001/2002 expedition, please contact us with your resume at ArcImaging. January 2001 1.1 Mt. Ararat to welcome tourists Still seeking Noah’s Ark?

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