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by admin on December 31, 2000

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December 2000 12.24
Ancient relics bring ‘healing’ to Kurds
More from WWorldNetDaily and Anthony LoBaido
November 2000 11.8
ArcImaging has signed an agreement to partner with Ataturk University in Turkey to conduct research on and around Mount Ararat.
ArcImaging is seeking funding and recruiting archaeologists, geologists, volcanologists, and glaciologists for a planned 2001 expedition.

Raiders of the lost Ark: WorldNet reporter makes journalistic pilgrimage to Mount Ararat

George E. Vandeman, a veteran ark researcher died Friday, November 3, at his home in Newbury Park, California. George Vandeman was the President of the Archaeological Research Foundation (ARF) from around 1960-1970. ARF was the primary Noah’s Ark search organization during the 1960s.

October 2000 10.27
Anomaly or Noah’s Ark?
November 20, 2000 COVER STORY The Mystery on Mt. Ararat The CIA classified as secret the U-2 and satellite photos of the “Mt. Ararat Anomaly.” Is it Noah’s Ark? Insight has commissioned its own satellite photos. See for yourself. By Timothy W. Maier

Dave Deal has a new web site at www.noahsark-naxuan.com that strongly favors the Durupinar site and claims the area above the site is the ancient location of Naxuan.

Ark researcher meeting scheduled this week for Ataturk University in Erzurum, Turkey suddenly canceled with little notice.

September 2000 9.27
New GCI online ordering web site for Noah’s Ark books and other products!
Evidence Of A Great Flood? and Explorers Seek Great Flood Evidence (More from Bob Ballard and the Black Sea)

New Ararat 2000 photo by John McIntosh on the Home Page

New… Google web and site search and daily Turkish headlines at the bottom of the Home Page.

August 2000 8.18
Armenian-organized expedition denied. A summary of all known attempts to climb Ararat will be posted in September/October.

Riddle of Ararat is showing as a world premier at the Palm Spring International Short Film Festival (the biggest in North America) on Sunday, August 6 at 1 PM at the Festival of Arts theater.

July 2000 June 2000 6.24
Turkish permission for Ararat Ark research declined for ArcImaging, ARP, and other groups this year, though several individuals still have high hopes.
Some say a large multi-national group, including Ekrem Akurgal, plans to re-visit the mound-shaped (Durupinar) site in late June.
May 2000 5.3
Coming later this year… “The Ark” put to music by Levon Ichkhanian.
Armenian expedition to Mount Ararat planned this summer.
April 2000 March 2000 3.29
Audio clip of Elfred Lee interviewing George Hagopian
MP3 16 sec (261k)
RealAudio 16 sec (228k)
Order CD from GCI
David Deal has a new book out called The Day Behemoth & Leviathan Died. There is a section in the book that strongly favors the Durupinar site.
February 2000 2.29
The lifeless body of Iskender Igdir was located by search and rescue teams after a 27-hour search. Igdir, a member of the AKUT rescue team and a photographer for Atlas magazine, had climbed Mt. Ararat with three other people led by Nasuh Mahruki, an experienced mountain climber. They had an accident while descending the mountain which resulted in Igdir falling down a cliff at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.
Source: Cumhuriyet 2.29.2000
Famed Explorer to Hunt for Noah’s Ark
Bob Ballard of Titanic fame.
January 2000 1.1
Riddle of Ararat Video
by Robin Simmons and George Adams

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