2013 Updates

by Rex on December 22, 2013

Mount Cudi Symposium hosted by the University of Şirnak.
September 29 – I wanted to provide an update from Şirnak (“Noah’s town”) next to Mount Cudi where we are overlooking the Mesopotamian Plain. We are in ancient Assyria (Neo-Assyria) and only 110km from the Assyrian capital Nineveh next to Mosul, Iraq. Şirnak is built on a hillside looking directly at Mount Cudi to the south and the Tigris River Valley. The weather is hot and the air conditioning in the rooms was turned off. Occasionally, I wonder if I have sweated more in Turkey than in America over the years . There were ~500 people here for yesterday’s sessions that included Bill Crouse (celebrity for the Cudi supporters), German Timo Roller, Anne Habermehl, and myself (Rex Geissler). Today, there are about 240 people to hear Gordon Franz of ABR and geophysicist Dr. John Baumgardner, etc. Most were academic professors, students and Islamic teachers.

Mt. Cudi Noah’s Ark Symposium Announced – 27-29 September 2013

The alleged Alexis Romanoff Autobiographies PDF Download are available from GCI Website that discusses a Russian immigrant and his son who Eryl & Violet Cummings met with.

Donna D’Errico heads back to Mount Ararat as she is producing a feature-length documentary film about her search for Noah’s Ark Ping G25 Driver on a small budget.

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