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by admin on December 31, 2006


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2006 December
Alva Appel died on December 2, 2006. Alva Appel (1922-2006) was a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) minister, Chief of Chaplains for the United States Air Force Auxillary Civil Air Patrol (CAP), and Chaplain Colonel of the United States Congressional Squadron. Alva was a strong climber who searched all over Ararat including the summit, in the Ahora Gorge as well as on both the eastern and western rims, and with Fernand Navarra all over the northwest slopes and Parrot Glacier. A clear-minded soul who was never swayed by “Ark Fever,” Alva brought a critical-thinking attitude that was helpful to promote honest research and as secretary for the Archaeological Research Foundation (ARF) between 1965 and 1969, he kept the ARF on the straight and narrow way where he was involved. Alva’s father-in-law was the President of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  
2006 November
Co-Author of The Explorers of Ararat, Ray Anderson,died on November 7, 2006  
2006 September
ArcImaging published photos from their May 2006 Turkey visit to Ankara, Cappadocia, Erzurum, Hittite Empire cities, and Mount Ararat. The first photos available are from the Hittite Empire Capital cities of Alacahöyük, Hattusas/Bogazkale, Yazilikaya Rock Sanctuary Photo Album and were taken by Ercument Kurtoglu, David Graves, and Rex Geissler.  
Two Italian climbers died in a blizzard September 7th, 2006 while climbing down the tourist route on Mount Ararat.  
2006 August
Doris Bowers, a 1980s explorer sometimes called the “Princess of Ararat”, died of cancer on August 27, 2006.  
2006 July
Find out the latest reviews on the alleged discovery of Noah’s Ark by Bob Cornuke on Mount Suleiman in the Elborz Mountains of Iran  
2006 April
Dutch man Johan Huibers in Schagen, the Netherlands, builds Noah’s Ark one-fifth the size of the original boat.  
2006 March
Ararat Anomaly in the news again: Same old story, nothing new under the sun as there is no new information in the article, just chalk up one more inconclusive photograph/satellite image to the archives… GPR is the only way to proactively find real anomalies on Ararat without extreme meltback.  
2006 January
Turkish Geologist Murat Avci (whose Resume/CV is provided here to show his credibility) published a paper on NoahsArkSearch.com that was presented at the First International Mt. Ararat and Noah’s Ark Symposium in Dogubayazit, Turkey, “The Formation and Mechanics of the Great Telceker Earth Flow,” that shows how the Durupinar site is simply a natural formation and not manmade.  
Play the Noah’s Ark Game – Watch Out! Just like the search for Noah’s Ark, this game is addictive!  

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