2005 Updates

by admin on December 31, 2005


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2005 September 9.30
The Gertrude Bell book, “AMURATH TO AMURATH” about her 1910 Expedition has been placed on the web! The primary photos from the Gertrude Bell book are posted here. 
2005 August 8.1
Lithuanian Group photos of their 2005 Mount Ararat ascent are here.
Bekir Akcay photos of his 2004 Mount Ararat ascent are here.
Dow Pursley, John McIntosh, and Matthew Kneisler went on a 2005 tourist climb up Mount Ararat that ended with an unfortunate accident. Here are the photos. 
2005 July 7.28
No research organizations allowed permission on Mount Ararat in 2005. Both ArcImaging and ARP received denial notices. 

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