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by Rex on December 31, 2008

Bob Cornuke released a new DVD on his search for Noah’s Ark.
See the review and critique of Cornuke’s video by Gordon Franz, Bill Crouse, and Rex Geissler in two different formats:

Bob Cornuke DVD Critique in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format

Bob Cornuke DVD Critique in HTML Web Format

The Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS), part of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) had a presentation on the search for Noah’s Ark November 20, 2008 by Rex Geissler that is available here. Use Internet Explorer to view properly. Bill Crouse, Gordon Franz, and Rick Lanser also presented on the subject but their presentations are not available at this website currently.The Mount Ararat Archaeological Survey co-authored by Ataturk University Archaeology Professors in Erzurum, Turkey and Rex Geissler of ArcImaging has been published in the Summer 2008 Edition of Bible and Spade by Associates for Biblical Research (ABR).

New Mt. Cudi information –
“An Alternative Interpretation of Bender’s Wood” by Kurt P. Wise, PhD

Dr. Randall Price & Richard Bright plan Noah’s Ark search expedition on Mount Ararat for summer/fall 2009.
– Another FoxNews.com article based upon the same story.

The challenge of building Noah’s Ark today

Noah’s Ark Mural Mosaic
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